Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sun is up!

Yeah, sun is coming!! It's winter right now here in Spain, but it seems Spring, or Summer ever!! 
2 days ago, more or less, sun is making our lifes happy, so why do not steal a smile from the Sun??
Love all these fun sunnies, want them all!!

All of you know I'm a totally sunglasses freak, and have a so BIG collection! I've wanted show them to you, but I never have all of them together {here I have just a few, the rest in my town!!}
The best part of the spring & summer coming it's not that "you can wear sunglasses", because I wear them even if it's raining. The best part is that EVERYBODY wears them, and I can go hunting new designs!! Awww 


ps: 2morrow I have a V.I.E. {very important exam} Hope being lucky!!

pps: about "Glowing Green Smoothie". I'm just in my second time, but it really works, I mean, it's very diuretic. Obviously, it's very early to talk about "better hair" or "better sking", but I can say how I feel: I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel good! 

{images via polyvore & tumblr}

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When bad things & good things happen, a gray day comes.

Anyway, gray is one of my fav colors to wear: very elegant, you can use it with whatever, and it's the best for formal & casual outfits.

80% of the population of my closet is gray.

Hope this was a good day, but 2morrow, better!


ps: to add some color, green to be exact.I started that "glowing green smoothie" experiment today!

I know this smoothie thanks to wildheartwhispers, blog that I really love. 
This smoothie os good for your hair, skin and your waist, over all. Let's see if this works, I'll tell u!!
For more information about the Glowing Green Smothie, click here.
I hope this works, it would be a miracle, because, honestly, it's delicious!!!!

 {images via link with ❤,  tumblr & polyvore}

Monday, February 27, 2012


projects, ideas.... never end.


Oscars 2012

It seems nothing has changed from that moment, when my adored Audrey hepburn won her Oscar as best actress for Roman Holiday. Actually, it does: on the red carpet we see, year after year, less glamour, less class, less beautiful dresses.
But, well, life is hard!
Thank god, we still have some people who really wow us with their dresses, so let's see! I've thought that, like on Oscars' red carpet there were not so many "cute dresses", I'm going to show pictures from the Vanity Fair's Oscar party & Elthon John AIDS Foundation Party too.
Let's start with this last one:
{remember, click on pictures to enlarge them}
{Dita Von Teese. Marvellous!!}
{Irina Shayk. What can I say? Just... wow}

{special mention for Alessandra Ambrosio. How cute is a pregnant woman?? Look at her face, she has that glow!!}

And now, some people I didn't like:
{Petra Nemcova. Ughh, she's so fu***g beautiful that seeing her with this horrible dress really makes me mad!!}
{Two questions about Miley Cyrus: #1 WHAT IS SHE DOING ON THIS EVENT?!? #2 Why does she try to be Marilyn Monroe?}

Vanity Fair Oscar Party
{Victoria Beckham was one of my fav of VF Oscar Party!}
{Diane Kruger. Other of my fav, no news, she has so much class!!}
{Gwyneth Paltrow. Simple & angelic. She wore the same dress on Oscars celebration. Love the hairstyle.}
{Kate Beckinsale. Love her dress!!! Ok, it's not the best dress I've seen in my life, it's just that, if you remember, on the last post about Golden Globes, I called her "the same every year". Ok, she broke up with that nickname!}
{Katie Holmes. She looks a princess!!}

And now, the worst:
{on the order: Amy Adams: it's not a trip to the moon!, Claire Danes: so cute, and a horrible dress, bad combo!, January Jones: I get what she wanted, but it didn't work, sorry :S, Rosario Dawson: Im' sorry, but Carnival is over...}


A video before, with some of the dresses on the red carpet:

What can I say about Oscars red carpet?? Disappointment (yeah, once more). In fact, I don't know what to show you. Of course there were beautiful dresses (Milla Jovovich on Elie Saab, for example), but nothing unexpected. So I decided to show the worst, and THE best! {guess who?}
{Cameron Diaz. Every time I see her, I wonder what has she done to have that face, I don't have an explanation, so if you have, tell me, because I can't understand why she has her face that way. I didn't like the dress, in fact I think it was uglier than her face}
{JLo. She hurts me. I mean, she's beautiful, a good singer, a good actress.... why does she insist on wearing "not her size" dresses??}
{competition on the stage: who's the worst??}
{problems with the size once more, but the opposite this time. And it's your second time, Sandra}
{another strange thing on the red carpet, Esperanza Spalding. I don't know if she was trying to be a fairy or whatever she wanted, but it looks so strange. And please, a clothes iron for this woman...}
{Missi Pyle & Virginia Madsen. I don't like them}

When I see all these dresses on the Oscars red carpet, I wonder {yeah, I talk a lot with myself, in fact I'm a very good friend of myself, any problem??} if they maybe do it because thay just want people to talk about them, as the best, or as the worst. What do you think?? You think the best is "people talking about me, I don't mind if it's for good, or for bad"??

And now, let's go with the best.
{Maria Menounos. I really liked this dress!!}

Don't be afraid!! I'm sure you guessed who was my favorite!!!!


PERFECTION is the meaning of Angelina Jolie. Her dress is amazing, the make up & the hairstyle are flawless. she's STUNNING!
Here you have some more pics on the red carpet:
She was wearing Versace.

A video:

On the stage:

I couldn0t find a good video of her on the stage, but she was amazing. Look at that leg!! Somebody created a twitter called: Angelina Jolie's leg hahahaha HILARIOUS.

Inside the ceremony:

Oh, of course:

 Congrats Meryl on your third Oscar. You deserve it!!!
I loved her speech on the stage, you can see it on this link

And waht about you, guys?? Who was your best/worst dressed??


{images via tumblr, celebutopia & Foro Famous People}