Monday, March 11, 2013

Life via cell

As most of you know, when I'm not updating my blog, it's because I'm really busy living!! So when I start to blog again, I have so many things to tell you that I dont even know how to start! So I decided to start with this new section: Life via cell. Pictures I take every day, and they worth more than a thousand of words, so...

{mailboxes in Galisteo, NM}

{time to decorate with the best memories!!}

{and if it's about memories, these are my friends on my bday, ❤ them, and miss them, but we'll meet again, soon!!!!}

{party, ALWAYS}

{my baby being a star, ❤ him}

{yummy time!}

{wild Saturday, resting in the best company ever!!}

I'll try to blog almost every day, but I think that seeing these pictures, you understand why I was so so out from here!


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  1. The pics are too cute:) And following you now on Twitter!

  2. maria, life is for living enjoy it! your nephew isn't a baby anymore. is he? he looks so tall.

  3. Cute pict and love your blog :D
    Im following you now! Mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  4. I find blogging every day very difficult! I always have the intention to do it but then I find that I am always scrambling for a post etc... Cant wit to follow you along your journey!

  5. Aww lovely pictures! I love everyday snap shots :D