Friday, December 30, 2011

WATCH!: 2012 is coming!

Important on 31st December: watch the clock, so don't forget your watch! 
Important on 1st January: forget your watch, go party and don't think about the time!!
I'm a really lover of watches, and have my style on them very clear, here you have!

Some of u didn't send me my xmas gift, any of these is a good option... ;)


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's Decorate! New Year

It's time to talk about decorating!
Are you the host this 31st?? What can we do with a red and green full house?? 
In my case, to start decorating, I think about the colors I want, and thinking that if u use red or green it will look like a 24th, the point is clear: DO NOT USE RED OR GREEN. Instead, I'd get gold! Yes, gold is a xmas color too, but it's a new year color too!
So open your draws and pull any gold thing you have!!
We need gold stuff for the centre of the action, I mean: living room and kitchen!
For your coach:

#1 tip: do not use it as a pillow... imagine your face when you wake up.

Candles always!! Love these, and silver is a good option too!
Remember the decorated pumpkins for Halloween?? You can use them today!

So many options!!!

And what about kitchen?? I'm sure u have some gold stuff!

If you don't, remember: details are everything! Look the idea I have looked up!

And, of course, you can baker!

Everything's about what u want!
And, as details are everything, what about a little gift for every guest?


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Superstitions: New Year Resolutions

Some days ago, I talked to U about the Spanish tradition of wearing some red stuff on New Year's Eve to start the year with the best luck.
Today, another tradition, but this time, I think it's worldwide: New Year Resolutions.
Easy: just have to think about that things, projects, ideas, etc that you want to make and til now, you didn't.

The best for your own expectations, is thinking about easy things. There the most typical:

as stop bitting your nails or quit smoking.
That's your own decision, and, in my opinion, they should be top secret, just for you & yourself. That's what I do with mine.
So, what d'u expect of this 2012? In my case, just to be a little better than 2011

Ok, after making your list for New Year Resolutions, u have to burn it, if it's possible, in a bonfire., but if you don't have any next to u (which is the normal), a lighter or a candle is ok

But, finally, the best u can do to have a good year is have that attitude, try to see the problems with a good face, 

do not be a drama queen with every problem you have, thinking you're the own person all over the world who has problems

And the most most most most important...
in yourself.


Once Upon a Time...

Santa Claus was green until Coca Cola arrived and...
he became so addicted to the drink that he decided change his outfit: green no more, now he wants red & white!
On Xmas time, I think it's necessary talking about Coke: first of all, because, obviously, it's THE GREAT INVENTION, and also because I really really love it. The truth is that, before, I used to drink Coke all the day, instead water. From I live alone, I just drink water, and must confess that I feel healthier.
The point is the image we have (or they want give us) about Coca Cola: happiness

Truth? I don't think that my happiness depends on Coca Cola, in fact I think all that is in your mind! So, if you believe, it will become true!
What about Coca cola spots?? Here u have on of my favs EVER
"There are reasons to believe in a better world"

But there are more spots that I have always on my mind!

(Both next are in Spanish, it's sad if you don't know spanish, because they're so good!!)

The first, says that it's a real story, and that de oldest man and the youngest baby meet for this spot. He talks to her that he doesn't regret, that he loves living so many years, to have known all he knows, he's proud of his family, friends, there are sad things, but he prefers thinking about he happiest, etc:

Second one is about a mother who can't get a job because they always say her that "they need references". Her son goes to that man and says that references, talking about her mother, so cute!! After that, the mand says that he wants give the job to the mother, & the sons says: and what about u, have u references??

Maybe happiness of Coca Cola is just a dream but... everything in life is about BELIEVE.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Superstitions: Red for good luck!

On New Year's Eve, wearing something red is a tradition to start the new year with the best luck!
I'm not sure if it's true, or not, if it works or doesn't but i'm a very just-in-case-team, so here u have some options to that special day! Choose one!

In my case, I think that I'd wear the red in my underwear, accessories, shoes or bag before than in my dress, but a red dress is a very good option too!!
Good luck!!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Choose one if you can: New Year's Eve Accessories!

Hi readers!!
Santa came... & left! But party is still here!!! Just a few days to the change of the year!!! Change of your life? of your routine? Well, that depends on U! But what0s true, is that it's a good excuse to try to do it, and to celebrate it!
Some posts ago, we were seeing some New Year's Eve outfits. Today, we're going to see accessories!!! They're so importante!! Maybe U want to buy a very simple outfit, and accessories are EVERYTHING!! Choose one.. if U can!

Wish U a Merry Merry Xmas!

Hope you have spent the best time with the people u really love, and really love u.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wish u a Merry Xmas!