Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Decorate!: Babies time!

As all of U know (because I've said it thousands of times (maybe more), I'm  in my hometown, and one of the best things when I come, is that my baby is here!! I miss him so much every day! But from I arrived here, there was not a day when I was not with him :)
And now, my sister wants (and wants my help too) change all the decorating of his nursery room. Of course, he had not time to use it yet (he's just 3 months, and til now, he sleeps in my sister and brother in law's room). And now, it's the time to make him start to sleep alone. I disagree, I mean, I want him to be a baby FOREVER, but I can't fight agains nature)
So, we can't make a decision, well, in my case, more or less, in my sister's case, it's a mistery, but as always she has to make a decision, it's a tradition in her life.
In my sister's home, we have two rooms for my baby: one as nursery room, and the other one, we want to make it a play room for my baby too. Nothing is enough when it's about him, but I think it's ok.
Of course, I have my ideas in my head, but it's difficult to show my mind to my sister, so I was looking for some similar rooms as in my head up, and of course, I'd like to have your own opinion!!
Let's start with nursery room! Right know, his room is blue, with Mikey Mouse all around

[Well, it's not this one, but I loved this pictures, wanted share]

 To make a total change, I'm from elegant-team, with very neutral colors, nothing blue, yellow or orange, better brown, beige, grey... and, specially, I love the idea of stripes on the walls! Look a these ideas:

Well, this are just some ideas for the nursery room. And for the play room, I like something like any of these:

As you can see, much more color on the polay room, and the room-to-sleep, much more relaxing!!
Another idea I've seen on TV some weeks ago, is the idea of a woman who had in the downside of the wall, a sticker with the favorite song of her lil girl, and fell in love so much with this idea that I was looking for it up on the internet, just to see, and really love how the room looks!

Well, U know how much I love wall stickers!! And, specially, love the next quote:
I'll use this one in my baby room, I think, if I find how to buy it!! And, of course, when we ended it up, will show U!

What d'u think about my ideas?? Have you got more?? Tell me!!



  1. Hey Thanks for checking out my blog! It is great to see my friend Kadie's nursery on here too! Can't wait to go back and read more.

  2. didn't know you had a baby!!!! God bless him or her<3

    all of these are so cute, but my fave is #2! puede que sea muy oscuro, pero tiene al "cozy" que me encanta!!!!


  3. That quote on the last pic is just perfection. Following you now on GFC...ur blog is just too cute:)

  4. great ideas! i like the last quote best of all. my friend sells vinyl lettering. it's called upper case living, but there are different companies out there. they have certain quotes, or you can customize your own & choose the colors, & lettering style.

  5. Hi dear, thanks you for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely and I have to say I love these rooms and I think that the idea with stripes on the walls is great, you should totally go for that. Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you follow back!
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  6. Qué cositas tan cucas por favor ^^ Yo tengo dos primitos pequeños y estas cosas me vuelven loca!


  7. I love the stripy wallpaper nurseries you've shown they look lovely! Having the words to a favourite song printed on the wall is such a lovely idea too :)

  8. I love all the stripes and the quotes. So cute.

    Laura x

  9. Amazing photos! I'm sure that this room will turn out to be awesome :)


  10. omg so cuteeeee