Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Superstitions: New Year Resolutions

Some days ago, I talked to U about the Spanish tradition of wearing some red stuff on New Year's Eve to start the year with the best luck.
Today, another tradition, but this time, I think it's worldwide: New Year Resolutions.
Easy: just have to think about that things, projects, ideas, etc that you want to make and til now, you didn't.

The best for your own expectations, is thinking about easy things. There the most typical:

as stop bitting your nails or quit smoking.
That's your own decision, and, in my opinion, they should be top secret, just for you & yourself. That's what I do with mine.
So, what d'u expect of this 2012? In my case, just to be a little better than 2011

Ok, after making your list for New Year Resolutions, u have to burn it, if it's possible, in a bonfire., but if you don't have any next to u (which is the normal), a lighter or a candle is ok

But, finally, the best u can do to have a good year is have that attitude, try to see the problems with a good face, 

do not be a drama queen with every problem you have, thinking you're the own person all over the world who has problems

And the most most most most important...
in yourself.



  1. LOVE this post! burn it, you say? i resolve that i don't resolve anything. i don't do well with resolutions or goals.

  2. Yo tngo mil rituales¡¡soy muy supersticiosa