Monday, December 31, 2012


Please, be better than 2012! Or just like 2012!

PS: I´m sorry for so many days without posting! I was busy just living! But I promise that I will tell you everything, day by day, of the best experience in my life EVER!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Do you remember me?

I hope so!!!
And i'm sure you also remember this:

It has been AMAZING!!
And this is one of the reasons you couldn't read me lately over here {the midterms are other...} BUT, I'm here!
As I said you, I'm going to tell you everything, or almost everything. My friend and I were volunteers the days of the festival in the amazing Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. It was an amazing experience, we've learnt a lot, and we've knew a lot of people from the film industry!
I was on concessions on the day, and at night, me and my friend had to be photographers at party nights {what a big deal!!!} And it was really fun!!

Also, a lot of the movies projected on the festival were very good. I couldn't see al of them, but the ones I saw, I just loved them!
But at parties, it was not just to work, it was also to have fun, and me and my friend are experts on that!

It was an amazing experience, and all thanks you Liesette and Jacques. Both organize the festival, and both do an amazing work!!

{please, like their page on fb}

And after a busy night... what about this??

go to Atomic Grill on Santa Fe to get one of these!!!


ps: this weekend, we also celebrated Halloween, it was really amazing! I had two costumes, here you have just one of them:

can't wait to tell you everything about this weekend!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Bump bff

Sometimes, when I'm shopping and I walk through the pregnancy area, my first thought is: what the fuck am I going to wear I get pregnant?? I don't use to like ANYTHING.
And I'm sure this is a problem for a lot of women, I mean, when my old sister was pregnant of my nephew {love u both}, she couldn't fund any kind of clothes there to wear. And as ever, the key was in front of us: your boyfriend closet!
I mean, any pregnant woman is getting pregnant in, at least for me, a very lucky time, because of the trends now. Everybody wears leggings, and leggings is the most comfortable cloth EVER, and that's what a pregnant woman needs, so the key is really simple:


ps: i'm sorry for all these time away from the blog, i'm in midterms in my university, and i'm really busy with the santa fe independent film festival, i promise i will tell you EVERYTHING about it!!

pps: nooo, im not pregnant.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

You will ❤ Santa Fe

have you ever been in Santa Fe? If you had, you know what I mean, and if you don't, you should!
i'm living here from August, and I want stay here FOREVER!
it's a while since i'm here, and its time to show you the pictures { just some of them} of the town, so i'm sure you choose santa fe as your next destination!

{some of the cutest things you can find in any store in Santa Fe}

{palace of the governors, where you can find any kind of handmade jewelry, especially turquoise!}

{st francis cathedral basilic}

{rosay tree at loretto chapel. this is one of my fav places in santa fe, i think its really cute, but my friends think it's really scary... just opinions!}

{some of the museums of downtown}

{one of the beautiful streets}

i'm sure you have started to reserve your next vacations here, so i don't want to disturb you!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scrapbook + Leopard Print + Babies... yeah, it works!

I have my scrapbook label a little forgotten lately, so... let's go!
As all of you know {and if you don't, now you do!}, I'm the lover number one of leopard print.
Just look.

 I know that with the leopard print, is really easy to pass from a very elegant to the most vulgar way ever. But that's the challenge, and that's why I ❤ it!
So I can imagine how weird it can sound leopard print for a scrapbook about a baby.
But in my scrapbook, I want a page for each member of our little family, and mine had to be in leopard print!
So I was thinking a lot about it, until a good idea {at least I think it is!} came to may head!
And it was... JUNGLE!
So let's see how I did it, so maybe if any of you is so lover of this kind of prints like leopard, zebra or whatever, and want to do something cute for a baby, you can do it, absolutely!

{cute letters for the title}

{fun quotes and animals!}

{more animals!!!}

and here you have it!! I think it really works, so this is the prove: leopard print can be the cutest EVER!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One less in my wishlist, one more in my closet!

Please, a big WELCOME to these babies to my closet!!

{jeffrey campbell 99 tie}

i've been a lot of time wanting these babies {as you can see in all my wishlists}, and finally, they are with me!! The package was really cute, and please, look at these stripes:

{cutest EVER}

my post from today, is because i was so so excited with this arrival, that i started to try them with all my clothes! and lately, im becoming a tights freak, and i have lots of tights!
i used to wear the most casual tights: black ones

yes, they're perfect for any occasion, but what if you want something original? they're not so perfect, so just try to make a little fun your outfit just adding patterned tights!


{betsey johnson}

{dotted tights from rue21}

{my favorite!!! leopard print tights from rue21!!}

make funner your outfit just adding patterned tights!


Monday, October 8, 2012

More ideas for a package!

The good thing {maybe the only one} about living far away from the people you , is that you can send them lots of packages, so you can do packages, and it is one of my favorite things!!
Today I made another package {you can see the first one here
But this time, it was kind of a package and a game at the same time, let's see if you get it!!

{these are all my gifts gap warmest jacket , west seal shirt, but instead blue, mine is black}

{just an idea if you don't have any gift card around you. Yesterday I wen to the mall, and I was smelling some perfums, so I decided to use the papers with the small as gift cards, put them into de wallets, and so, when they open them, I'm sure they're going to love the gift, bust because of the smelling!}

and this is the final package. as you can see, I didn't use cards with the name, so this is que question: how do you think they're going to know what package is for each one??


ps: my babies are here!!! so expect for a nice post early, maybe tomorrow, or maybe later, who knows!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Keep getting inspiration for Halloween!

Yesterday I told you that I was going to show you my "dia de los muertos" pumpkin a soon as I finish it and... it´s done!

I was really excited about start it!! And as you can see, in the papers behind, I have the inspiration that I needed to do this pumpkin, because I would not have had this idea ever if it´s not because in one of my favorite blogs, wildheartwhispers, the blogger {who´s a genius!!} o made a post about this, so THANK YOU!! <3 {you can go to the link to see the suuuuuper easy tutorial to do it!}

{this is me in my "inspiration moment"}

{that glorious moment when you see that your project is done!! but... just one more detail!}

the flower!! and one more time, details are EVERYTHING!!

just turn the lights off...

and enjoy a creepy night!!