Monday, October 8, 2012

More ideas for a package!

The good thing {maybe the only one} about living far away from the people you , is that you can send them lots of packages, so you can do packages, and it is one of my favorite things!!
Today I made another package {you can see the first one here
But this time, it was kind of a package and a game at the same time, let's see if you get it!!

{these are all my gifts gap warmest jacket , west seal shirt, but instead blue, mine is black}

{just an idea if you don't have any gift card around you. Yesterday I wen to the mall, and I was smelling some perfums, so I decided to use the papers with the small as gift cards, put them into de wallets, and so, when they open them, I'm sure they're going to love the gift, bust because of the smelling!}

and this is the final package. as you can see, I didn't use cards with the name, so this is que question: how do you think they're going to know what package is for each one??


ps: my babies are here!!! so expect for a nice post early, maybe tomorrow, or maybe later, who knows!!

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  1. clever idea about the perfume cards as notes dear maria! i think part of the fun will be them guessing who each item belongs to. :)