Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's cold outside

Yesterday was a really busy and stressed day. Actually, this week didn't start ok, and it kept like that, until yesterday, when I made a special order which will be in my closet in 5 days {can't wait!!} and that I will show you, of course, as soon as I get it!  It is not even my size, but i don't mind, I needed something to make my luck change, and it worked, because today has been a GREAT day {for the moment...}

Ok, let's move on. it's getting cold!! At least here in Santa Fe. And one of my favorite parts of the change of weather is the change of clothes!! But I actually have not a lot of clothes for cold, so let's add some of them to my wishlist!! 

Let's start with... sweaters!


any of these is a good gift, it's cold outside, just understand me and make happy!!


ps: my special order that I talked to you before, and that will be in my closet in fiive days, is in one of the two wishlist. can you guess which one it is? It is suuuuuper easy!! {and it be easier if you see my other wishlists...}


  1. maria, sorry you had a bad week. :( good that it's looking up. :) are you getting a new sweater, & boots? i would like all those boots. it's not cold enough here for sweaters, though.

  2. hola!! andaba medio perdida :(

    estoy en busca de lo mismo que tú! quisiera un over-sized sweater y unos combat boots!

    de los que muestras, me gustan el sweater #7 y #11 y las botas #4<3

    un besito!!!