Monday, October 29, 2012

Do you remember me?

I hope so!!!
And i'm sure you also remember this:

It has been AMAZING!!
And this is one of the reasons you couldn't read me lately over here {the midterms are other...} BUT, I'm here!
As I said you, I'm going to tell you everything, or almost everything. My friend and I were volunteers the days of the festival in the amazing Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. It was an amazing experience, we've learnt a lot, and we've knew a lot of people from the film industry!
I was on concessions on the day, and at night, me and my friend had to be photographers at party nights {what a big deal!!!} And it was really fun!!

Also, a lot of the movies projected on the festival were very good. I couldn't see al of them, but the ones I saw, I just loved them!
But at parties, it was not just to work, it was also to have fun, and me and my friend are experts on that!

It was an amazing experience, and all thanks you Liesette and Jacques. Both organize the festival, and both do an amazing work!!

{please, like their page on fb}

And after a busy night... what about this??

go to Atomic Grill on Santa Fe to get one of these!!!


ps: this weekend, we also celebrated Halloween, it was really amazing! I had two costumes, here you have just one of them:

can't wait to tell you everything about this weekend!!


  1. your costume is outstanding maria! the film festival sounds so fun. those nachos look delicious. i'm sure you are happy midterms are over. :)

  2. Looks like you've been having an amazing time recently! Love your Halloween costume too xxx

  3. Ooooo....that Film Fest sounded awesome. And love the Halloween costume too:)

  4. I've only been to one independent film festival and the movie I saw I really liked!

    Are you a zombie biker?