Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scrapbook + Leopard Print + Babies... yeah, it works!

I have my scrapbook label a little forgotten lately, so... let's go!
As all of you know {and if you don't, now you do!}, I'm the lover number one of leopard print.
Just look.

 I know that with the leopard print, is really easy to pass from a very elegant to the most vulgar way ever. But that's the challenge, and that's why I ❤ it!
So I can imagine how weird it can sound leopard print for a scrapbook about a baby.
But in my scrapbook, I want a page for each member of our little family, and mine had to be in leopard print!
So I was thinking a lot about it, until a good idea {at least I think it is!} came to may head!
And it was... JUNGLE!
So let's see how I did it, so maybe if any of you is so lover of this kind of prints like leopard, zebra or whatever, and want to do something cute for a baby, you can do it, absolutely!

{cute letters for the title}

{fun quotes and animals!}

{more animals!!!}

and here you have it!! I think it really works, so this is the prove: leopard print can be the cutest EVER!!