Saturday, September 22, 2012

Before & After: a package!!

What happens if you receive a package like this one?

It is ok, I mean, a gift is always a gift, and it will always be welcome!

But, what if you receive something like this?

It is really different!! I would say, even better! And really easy too! For example, in my case, I just needed {apart of the gift, obviously!}:

These are blue sheets for gifts, a cute box for a little gift where I put "my first keys" toy, a vase by cars, a gift card.. actually they are little details, but remember: details mark the difference!!

The point is try to make the little details just important! Starting on the box, as you can see, I wrote my nephew name on one of the sides, also with a blow made by me with ribbon I bought on Hobby Lobby.

Another important thing, the gift card! For this one, I used my stamps!


With the keys and the box gift! 
I have a really easy tutorial on this point for an emergency gift and with no gift card. It is really difficult do not have a gift card, because you can make one with almost anything around you, but you can also give a gift by you to a person, and without gift card, he or she will no exactly that the gift comes from you!
How? Just think about something that really caracterizes you! In my case, any person around me could say you: leopard print! So here we go!

{gift, gift box & leopard print ribbons}

I actually had a "video tutorial" for you {my first!!}, but I saw it on the computer, and the light is really bad, so I think that just with the picture is enough!

{I have both ribbons around my wrist, so that´s why I know that if somebody receives a gift with these two ribbons, he´s going to know it´s from me!}

Here you have another cute way to "hide" the price of something:

{it´s something like: the price was just love, and I have sooo much for you!!!}

I know you wanna start, but it is not for you, I´m sorry!!

and here we go!!! hope you like it honey!!


ps: this morning I was on my way to the post office with the package to send it, and a friend of mine saw me from the other side, he told me "I was not really sure if it was you, but when I saw that leopard print tape I said: ok, she is" so... I think my sister will know it comes from me inmediately!!


  1. funny that he knew it was you just from the tape:) And how adorable is that gift box! You're so creative.

  2. Details are incredibly important! I love this...

    Laura x

  3. i decorate my packages that i send to my friends and family too! it just seems like more fun. :) to hide the price of something i bought as a gift, i cut off the price, or cover it up with black marker.