Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to say thank you with no words?

ok, i'm going to try to make a really really long short story!
so everything started when i had to make my own business card for one of my subjects. then i thought about a friend of mine who is an artist. really. he's studying graphic design, but i really think that the graphic design should study him. {actually he's an artist painting, editing videos, pictures, etc}
so i asked him if he could do my the favor of design my business card, and in the same day, he made a really nice and beautiful business card to me!!
so now, it's my turn, it's the random act time!
of course, as he's my friend, i'm not going to paying him any money, because i'm sure he would not like that, as i would not like either that a friend of mine would pay me any money, or buy my any shirt or whatever!
so let's go for something really simple and cute that everyone is going to accept because sweet things never made anyone bitter!

{a cute favor box, i got mine on hobby lobby}

{his favorite sweet & chocolates}

{something funny to make him smile}

{so once you have everything what you need...}

{just fill the box.. and this is all!}



  1. maria, did he like it? now i want to see the business card. ;)