Saturday, September 8, 2012

getting the upper view

This morning, I made something insane {at least, to me!!}, which is... hiking!! I really loved it, but it was exhausting, so I will have to think a lot about if the next weekend I do it again or not... let's see! But actually, if you ask me just 20 minutes after start to walk, I would say: are you f***ing kidding man??
The best thing when you are up there, is that you see the rest so small, for example, the vans, I could see where we parked it from there, and it was like: we don't mean anything on this giant world, universe... etc.
Anyway, I would like to share with you some of the pictures from this morning, hope you like them guys!

{just starting.. I didn't know what was expecting to me...}

{some stuff from the walk}

{really hard!!}

{my fav part from the hiking: resting!! i know, my soul is soooo sporty...}

{enjoy the views!!}

{meet our "boss"}

And this is everything for today!! If you think that the nature is sooo boring {as I think too}, I'm sure you will not enjoy this post, but I feel so proud of what I made today that I had to show it!!


ps: I really really love this picture:

which one do you think we chose guys??


  1. Good for you! I've never gone hiking before. Sounds pretty cool:)

  2. once in a while is good to do something different of the usual. Im 0 sports too so i totally understand you!!!

  3. coming from a girl that used to live in the rocky mountains, i know hiking is hard! i don't get to see mountains in texas, & i miss them.