Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome to my closet... again!!!

I know what you're thinking: stop shopping!!! I know... but I can't!!!
These are the new shoes in my closet!!
At the same time, today I lost my hair tie!! And I need it so much, to work, to rest, and to sleep!!
So I had to solve it with what I had around me!
Do you remember the shirt I did some weeks ago? I'm sure you do! I cut the sleeves, and then I remember that I kept them!
So thay saved me the life just for today!

Here you have a video tutorial of "after"

and ready to work!!


  1. maria, so clever using your cut up shirt pieces for a hair tie! :) i like your new shoes.

  2. That's really creative to do that with the shirt:) And love love love those shoes, my dear!