Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art is everywhere!

When you are in an university of art and design, it happens! So you can find art every step you take!
Today was a very full day, it was the welcome party!! 
Even having fun, everything was pure art!!

{we could design our own tshirts}

{letting them dry. This view is pure art!}

{here u have my design}

{I told you: suddenly, you can do art with anything!}

{everyone is an artist here, and you feel it!}

{of course, this is mine. It had to be like this!}

{so funny & hard!!!}

{fun fun fun}

{yummy toppings for ice cream}

{and this is how the party ended up!}

So I just can say that, after this welcome party, I feel

A picture is worth a thousand words.


ps: thanks @modstcris for the pictures!!


  1. look like you had so much fun. Awesome:)

  2. esto me recuerda a un quote de un a película francesa que vi: "cuando eres un artista, todo lo que ves es arte y cuando eres fotógrafo, todo tiene un ángulo artístico, te conviertes en un observador" que bellas palabras verdad?

    me encantan esta fotos, se ve todo tan divertido :)

    un besote,

  3. Hooray! I sm glad you are having so much fun. happy art making. :)