Thursday, August 9, 2012

Choose a beach through an outfit!

When summer, everyone wants spend relaxing days at the beach!
So today, I bring you some destinations where you can find some of the best beachs around the world {I did'nt put any Spanish beach... because whatever is the best!! But I wanted you to think that I'm a factual person (H)}
For each beach, I chose an outfit, tell me what u think about them, or if maybe, that beach inspires you something different!

Greek!! Mykonos specifically. Pink + orange. Love this combo!!

Hawaii. Natural paradise.

I'm in Miami bitch BEACH!

And... yes! My dream!! My fav destination: Cabo San Lucas. If you love me, you should take me there!!

And what's your fav?? Choose one... if u can!



  1. oye dónde está Puerto Rico?? aquí falta una isla del Caribe jaja

    si tuviera que escoger una de aquí, escojo Grecia, ya que es un ambiente de playa diferente al que estoy acostumbrada donde vivo! Grecia tiene un aire más bohemio<3


  2. Such an amazing post! I think I would go for some Californian beaches, love the West Coast :) But these choices are also wonderful, I wish I were in some of these places right now :)

  3. Give me Miami, please! The outfit is the cutest.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. My dream beach is actually Hawaii, but I love the Miami bitch outfit....I mean beach:P

  5. maria, you're back! :D we were just in fort lauderdale. florida for 5 days. so the florida beach is the only one on your list i've been to. i like the black shorts from cabo, the hat from hawaii, & the orange cover up from greece.