Friday, August 10, 2012

Be Excessive!!!

Paco Rabanne is my secret love when it's about perfums!!
And as I told you some posts ago, I have all Paco Rabanne's perfums!!
Everything has an exception, and this is here:

This perfum is amazing, and I have to get it!!
Love everything about it: the smell, the design, and of course, the attitude you need to get it: BE EXCESSIVE!!!
Look at the commercial, I'm sure you see it, and u want it, and you don't mind if it smells good or if it's the worst smell around the world!!

Iggy Pop is the most excessive you can imagine!!
And if you want to be a l'exces girl, you need to be pretty, good, romantic, polite, careful, discreet and excessive. I mean, you need to be a Paco Rabanne girl!

Look at the design please!!! Flower + skull. I can't even imagine a better combo!!!

But all Paco Rabanne spots are really good!! Here u have a few:

Enjoy Paco Rabanne as I do!!



  1. Honestly, I haven't heard about this brand
    so thank you for the heads up.
    When I get a chance to go to the mall this weekend,
    I will look for this brand. Would like to see how it smells.

  2. Ooooo....I'll see if I can get a whiff over here. TY for the rec, my dear:)