Monday, August 20, 2012

Cutest gift!

The situation is: you have hundreds of things to do, because you are going to be out of your country for 4 months, so you have to buy, pack, etc. BUT, theres a birthday coming soon!! And no any birthday: it's the bday of one of the most important people on your life so... WHAT DO YOU DO!?!
In my case, I could go to any store and buy any nice shirt, but for a special person, a special gift!!!

Very cheap, easy and the cutest ever!!!

You need:


And in the first picture, you have the result!!

Of course I need to paint it {the color is going to be BLACK!!} But I'll do it when I'm back!!

ps: I have so many hours in airplanes that I don't know if I survive!!! If I do, be sure that the next post will be from my new sweet home!



  1. maria, creative fun gift! hope you have a happy & safe trip. :)

  2. Aaaaww....such a thoughtful gift:) And have a safe trip, my dear:)

  3. Lovely gift! What a great idea :)