Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Insanity is insanity!!!!

Have you ever tried the insanity work out??
Please try it.... if you can, of course!!
Yesterday I took my first class, which takes about 40 minutes, and I just could doing it for 10 minutes, no longer!
But it's said that if you do it for 60 days, the results are AMAZING, so let's see!
Tonight I have my second class, I'll tell you tomorrow!

Here u have a preview, if you like it, don't doubt about buying the dvds!!:


ps: and I'm also starting on scrapbooking, do you know it?? Let me know if you do!!


  1. How cool, I haven't done insanity before. I do Nike Training Club around 2 - 3 times a week and it kills me!

  2. I am defintely too wimpy for this. have fun maria? ;)

  3. i guess i wouldn't last even 2 minutes in that class!!! I'm the least atheltic person you've ever met.