Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The best thing about memories is creating them!

And after that, keep them!
I always wanted try "scrapbooking", but I never dared... til last week! it's a good way to forget all about college {you know, appointments, homework, exams, readings...} and spend your free time, and free your imagination.
I've started with something really easy and cute. Actually it is cute, but not as easy. I've started with a photo album of my baby {❤ u cutie pie!}

So, what do you need?

{scrapbook papers, some stamps, ink for stamps, stickers, embellishments... and any stuff you like, because, actually scrapbooking depends a lot on  what do you like and the way you want to do it!}

Oh, and, of course, pictures!
Once you have the paper and the pictures you want for it, it's just about decorate it! Everything works, and there's not a better or a worst way way, there are just different ways to do it, and maybe sometimes, something that I find  really beautiful, you're going to find it horrible, or viceversa. 
Here are some examples I did these past days

{cutest ever!!!}

To find all this kind of beautiful stuff, I recommend you Hobby Lobby {actually is where I bought all my stuff} , this is the shop which I visit, at least, once at day {"WTF?!?!"... i know...} and there you can find anything that you're looking for. You can also shop online, and actually not just for scrapbooking, if you like decorating, you will become crazy, and you will get why I need to go to the shop once at day.
It's a good way to have all that memories, and not in a simple photo album, this will be YOUR photo album, the one all over the world, and that's awesome!!


ps: I't a little expensive hobby, but look at the result, it worths it!!

"Things end, but memories last forever"


  1. Love your title:) And OMG! Wish we have Hobby Lobby here in Canada.

  2. scrapbooking is what led me into an interest of art.