Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hey guys!! How's going on??
I'm so busy with everything!! Work on campus, work off campus... really excited about everything!!
Today I want to show you and idea that I figured out just doing scrapbook, and it's how wonderful stamps are!! I just knew them for scrapbook, but you really can use them in everything!!
Here you have some examples:
{this one is in the beginning of my scrapbook}
{just to decorate a text}

{separate in your notebook}

{to present a subject}
Actually, I'm starting a new course in the university, so most of the things I made were for my new notebooks!! You know, you always start very exciting the classes, let's see in a couple of weeks!
{there are no words to express some things so... stamp it!}

ps: look what's coming up!



  1. How adorable are those stamps! Love them too coz you can stamp everything:)

  2. maria, it's fun to see your excitement! if i lived close i would let you come over & use my stamps.