Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome to my closet!!

I really need stop shopping!!! But for the moment, let's enjoy!!! I bring you my last shops!!

{envy me blouse}
{american eagle sweater. I was wearing it in the Mexico's independence day!}
{royal love blouse}
{this is a detail, it's longer in the back side}
I was wearing it today, with the Takoda Steve Madden boots}
{Tinseltwon Mamba skinny jeans I also have thesein orange}
And my favorite shop EVER:

I love it!!! It's actually from Fun & Flirt, but u can find a similar blouse on I don't like Mondays.
 And of course, there's also newbies in my nephew's closet!!!

{cowboys kids' shirt} I bought it on Target.

{all toddler stuuf is Polo, and you can find it in amazon}



  1. maria, my fave are your purple skinny jeans. you know that's a dallas cowboy's jersey your nephew has, says this girl who is surrounded by dallas cowboy fans.

  2. nice to see some things in your closet! very cool! ^^

    <3 zoe ( ´∀`)