Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing my hood!

And not, I'm not talking about Robin Hood or Riding Hood!
Remember when I talked to U about what I was putting in my suitcase?? I also said in a comment that I always forget something, and here I have: forgot my hood!
Well, the truth is that I don't  wear it too much, because I use to carry my umbrella with me, but remember that these days, I try to spend the most possible time with my baby, and the weather has been nothing but the worst it's been in weeks! Look at this picture, from yesterday!

Fog, fog and fog! And, in that moment, it was not raining! Of course I can take the umbrella with one hand and with the other pushing the stroller, but it's not comfortable, and you end leaving one of both up in the half of the walk, If it's the umbrella, don't worry, maybe somebody behind U forgot his or her and you finish making a favour without intention, but if you leave the stroller, man, then you have a problem!
In my case, I leave my umbrella! hahah And in that moment I realized that I never had missed so much a hood as in that moment! 

U don't realize what you have until it's gone.



  1. These coats are gorgeous but I've always been more of an umbrella girl even if I have a hood. My mom is a childminder and she has an umbrella that attaches to the handle of the pushchair. You can swivel it up and open it so it's above your head. Pure genius. You should definitely invest in one, you're probably already aware they exist and have decided against it but I can find out where she got hers for you if you change your mind :)

    Laura x

  2. I love the brown Dorothy Perkins jackets! =)

  3. yes hoods are like little guardian angels on your clothing. fog :P, & it's been cloudy, cold, & icky all week long except, today the sun is finally shining hooray! now you need a hood & an umbrella.

  4. LOL....I know exactly what you mean. Love the picks of the hooded jacket btw:)

  5. such a lovely pieces!!!!

    your blog is amazing!!!!

  6. Love that Juicy one. I never consider hoods when buying coats, though I really ought to...

  7. dispulpa! pensaba que era tu bebé, de todas formas los sobrinos son como hijos :)

    me encantan todos los coats con hoodies que muestras en este post, en especial el de Vila<3