Sunday, December 11, 2011

A trip in pictures

I know what I told ya about Sundays: My "The Same for Less" posts, but I arrived exhausted after 9 hours on the road, so I decided to show U my "rearview" of this short trip!

Wanna share with U all the Xmas decorating in my hometown, Vigo. Everything is so pretty!!
 {This one was my fav, and you cand see it in Camelias Mall)

{This one is the front}

{More Xmas decorating on the streets}

{This was de Xmas decorating in the bus station before departing}
{My bag (aka guardian angel, you can put everything into it, and you still have space!!Mary Poppins is jealous, I know it) and my suitcase.

& maybe U R wondering: what did U do all these days??

The answer in pictures:

A picture (in this case, two) is worth a thousand words.



  1. great mary poppins reference & somebody enjoyed time with their nephew! :)

  2. Wish my city put this much effort into Christmas decorations.

  3. i feel the Christmas vibe all over that place! tu cartera está hermosa desde el color hasta la forma!!!! gracias por compartir tu fotitos :)

    linda semana,

  4. Lovely photos! Like those decorations :)

  5. That' some decoration going on where you are! And I'm like Mary Poppins so I need a bag like that...heehee...