Sunday, November 27, 2011

The same for less!

Most Sundays, I'll try to update this section, which I think is very interesting for all that people who really love to see what celebrities wear, or what brands, they don't have enough money to spend 1.200$ on a simple jacket. I like seeing how they wear, and love seeing, stores like Zara or Mango, clones of Prada or Hermes bags! So take note of "coincidences" that I've found between big brands and accessible stores!

                                            Dorothy Perkins 60$                       Oasis 58$

                                                   Asos 170$                             Aldo 50$


Diane Kruger

Really love her style! Take note of the outfit on the right, created by me with razonable prices!

Striped shirt: Old Navy 14$
Jeans: Mango 69$
Denim Jacket: Stradivarius 33$
Crossbody Bag: DSW 19$
Red Wayfarer Sunglasses: Truffle Shuffle 23$

And now, it's my turn! And I'll ask you if you know where could I find a clone of this outfit:

Really, really love it!!

Hope U like this new section!!!



  1. estrellitaaassssssssssssssssss dioss que obsesion!


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  4. fun section. i have no idea where to find that peachy coral outfit.

  5. LOVE the Aldo "Alexa"-like bag! It's gorgeous!

    x Michelle |

  6. Este bolso es al que llaman modelo "Alexa", ¿no¿ Por Alexa Chung :D Es monísimo! Y los sweater de estrellas, fabuloso! Yo vi uno de chico, en ASOS, pero sólo tenía estrellas en la parte superior!!

    Besos desde

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  9. hola guapa!! cuántos clones has localizado!!:))


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