Friday, November 25, 2011

What do U think about.. Colors on Fall?

The question is because i've heard lots of opinions abut colors on autumn, and most of them prefer do not use colors as white, red, fucsia, orange or green on fall, and they'd rather black, brown or grey.
So, I'd like to know your opinion. I think any season of the year is perfect to wear whatever you want, and dosen't mind the color, because fashion is not everything, but STYLE, yes it is.
Today, I bring some outfits for autumn with the color as the main character. Summer is happy just because of the sun, the sun is shinning, and it's very easy, but on autumn, you can be who's shinning! Take note!!

Add happy collors to your outfits and be the sun on the autumn!!
Hope you like it, and you get really good ideas!!



  1. i agree that you should wear whatever you want, all year long, & not be limited by season. i like how you compared shining through autumn, not just summer, & being the sun, with your style. very well written. i'd wear everything here, except the sunflake, & reindeer jumpers. it's not usually cold enough for jumpers, in texas. ;)

  2. The only logical reasoning I have found according to a consultant named Nancy Penn is because white reflects light and heat, wearing white would make you cooler in winter, and thus should be avoided..jijij But for sure I don't wear white during the long winter month here.
    I'm following you now...besitos

  3. lovely outfits!! love the number six :)
    thank you so much for your comment!


  4. wow i love this post!
    thanks about your coment on my blog

  5. What a lovely looks, i love all of them!

    Kisses from