Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Day of Deads!!

I know, it's late, tonight is the night!! But make up never gets old, and I wanted share it with you!
I'm back to my normal life, sadly for my baby :( but happy for my future! So, I'll be back to my daily posts, which I hope, u like too!
Today, I'd like sharing some tutorials about special make up for a day like today! First one, for a Sexy Vampire!!

I'm sure the most -in costume a day like today, and Halloween day, was de the vampire costume (and the year before, and before, and bef...) and why? of course, because of that Twilight phenomenon! Can U believe I didn't see any of those movies? Anyway, it's a very good costume! And this is my favorite girl making tutorials!! Some day, I'll talk to you about her and her tutorials... it looks magic!!

Another, from the same girl!

This time, for all those Harry Potter fans!!! (I didn't see any Harry Potter movie... what am I doing with my life???)

What do U think about zombies?? I think it's a very good idea!! And much more because of the premiere of the second season of The Walking Dead!!

This one is very appropriate for the Day of the Deads!! The result is really amazing!!

And what about one of the most lovely characters of Halloween??

Edward Scissorhands!!! Yes, he's my favorita, everyone wants a friend like him!!! And it's a good idea for a day like this one too!!

Hope you like my today post, and of course, I'd like to hear more ideas from you people!!!


  1. i can't believe how many layers of make-up they put on. they look great! every time i've tried to do major halloween make-up, my face itched, & got irritated.

    you want to come to usa to do halloween. we want to go experience the day of the dead.
    have i shared with you my day of the dead post from a couple years ago? if so, completely ignore this link below.


  2. Madre mia, la verdad es que con maquillaje se hacen unas cosas impresionantes, la ultima me ha dejado loca jajajjaja!
    Muy, muy buen post!
    Feliz día!!! muackssssss