Thursday, November 3, 2011

Versace for H&M

Some posts ago, I showed U the Versace for H&M designs, and today, I'd like to post the designs but worn by models. Specially by Abbey Lee Karshaw, whom I love!!

This dress is one of my favorites, there's no doubt! The booties are very cute too, and the dress is ok for a formal event or for a less formal event!

Love this silver one!! Very sexy.
This outfit is very very Versace!!
The lil bags are so nice!!
Good idea for a Saturday Night!!!

Here U can see the rest!

Ok, while we wait these designs to be on sale, let's see an outfit. In fact, my today outfit:
Apart of that, today was the opening of Abercrombie & Fitch in Madrid, the first store in Spain!!!
Me and my friend went today, a very beautiful building, as always when it's about Abercrombie, but a very high prices, I can't understand, in USA they are much more normal!!!!
Here I show U our souvenir from the store:
After that visit to the store, we went to have lunch to an italian restaurant so amazing!!! I'll talk to you about it in the next post, delicious!!!


  1. why in the 2nd black & white photo, does abbey lee look like she's pulling down the top of her dress, while pulling up the same dress from the bottom? is it stripper versace? my fave look is still the black motorcycle jacket with the black dress, embellished skirt, & belt. who's the one with the blocked out abercrombie & fitch face? you, or your friend?

  2. Cariño ,las prendas puestas ganan mucho!! me quedaría unas cuantas cosas de la colección jejejeje!
    Lo de Vigo te juro que desde que tenía unos 15 años...mucha culpa de eso la tiene mi hermano y Siniestro TOtal jajajajja es un sueño que no puedo dejar de cumplir!!
    Feliz finde guapa mía!!
    PD: ahora voy a estar todo el día cantando "miña terra Galega" ya verás...

  3. I can't wait till the versace items come into the store. I love almost everything but the prices is really expensive, wonder if there will be anything left. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i saw it the other day and now i'm more desperate to have that store in my country :( whyyyy???? love ur outfit yesterday.. i have those boots<3