Sunday, November 13, 2011

What do U call a cheese that's not yours??

Nacho Cheese!!
It's Sunday!!! Relax day!
How were your plans yesterday?? Mine, UN SUR PA SSA BLE! Sadly, I could not see Trespass, because I don't have it yet, when I get it, I'll tell you. Instead, I saw this one:

It's magic!! I think the whole family could enjoy it on Thanksgiving, for example! Ideas and ideas for kids to ask yo Santa Claus! (Papa Noel to me!!)

Going back to the picture, what do you think about Nachos for this Sunday?? A veeery good idea! I'm not mexican, so I'm not an expert on mexican food, and neither preparing it, but I have my own tricks to make my mexican dishes not perfect, but delicious at least!
Before continue, I'd like to say THANKS to all that people who like me! And, to demonstrate it to me, they like my facebook page THANK U SO MUCH!!
Ok, continue with nachos!! Today, U can feel veeeeery lucky, cause I'm going to share with U my trick!! ATTENTION, because I'm not going to repeat it (althought you will be able to re-read it over and over again!! hahaha)
Things you need:
A Tortilla Chips bag (if you don't know make them by your own, like in my case)
A tomato sauce can (Solis is my fav, but you can use whatever you like!)
CHEESE!!! Of course!!! There are so many kinds of cheese!! My fav is Gouda, but use your fav!
Ground beef
Guaca guaca, mole mole!
Ok, if we have all the ingredients, we're ready!!

The way I make my dish is very easy:

1- Brown the meat. When it's ready, you won't really need cook anything else.
2. In a big dish, put tomate sauce, not much, but enough.
3. Now put a cheese slice, and now put tortilla chips, so mmuch as the hungry you feel!
4. Now, the beef on the chips, and cheese.
5- Microwave on until the cheese melts.

6: VOI-LÁ!! You just need your guacamole and sour cream.. DELICIOUS!!

It's one of my fav dishes for any time on the day, or if you have friends, because it looks like: woww how much time were you cooking?? The secret answer is: emm... 5-10 minutes maybe?? 
And kids really really apreciate it!

After this, on the evening, I have to see a match!!! And on weekends, I'm sure most of you do it! What's your fav sport?? I don't have doubts: SOCCER! And at 8 pm, Celta de Vigo (the team of my hometown) has a game against our rival! It's a derby!! 
So, for matches, what could be a perfect outfit?? I don't mean to go to see it live, but on TV, like it's, sadly, my case today! What I'm thinking about wear today is this outfit:


Hope you finish this week happy and you start the next better!!



  1. love the boots and sungLasses!

    by the way, thaks f0r visiting 0ur bL0g!

    perhaps, we can f0LL0w each 0ther???

    als0 c0nnect with us thru g00gLe

    Thank y0u! ϡ

  2. oh my Gosh! i just love nachos and dip!!!!!!!!!! you are making me crave that at 9:30am?!?!?! haha

    i think the outfit you chose would look so good put together.. any pictures? i just love tights/leggins with anything<3