Sunday, November 6, 2011

Skulls for a lovely look!

Heyy what's going on??
It's sunday, a relax day!!
What we're going to talk about are SKULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS! I really love them in any look. And who's the king of the perfect symbiosis skulls-fashion? Exactly: Alexander Mcqueen.
Who doesn't die for this scarf??
There are many suspicious who believe that using skulls on your look could finish with something like this one:
Take it easy man! Not always is too much.
What happens with skulls is similar what happens with leopard print, for example. I mean: you can use them anywhere, but not EVERYWHERE. And that's why I love them, both. Using a leopard print doesn't mean that you live in a jungle, and using a skull doesn't mean that you are in a rock band like Megadeth, I don't know if I'm explaning my mind correctly.
This is the reason why today, we're going to see how to use skulls almost in any outfit!!

Love the contrast between the necklace and the flats!

Pink plus skulls = rocker & lovely at the same time. Love this touch!

Where's the skull??? On the borsalino!
Love the sunglasses!! It's like a combo of Carrera and Alexander McQueen!
Party with your skull!
Ring Ring UK!!
And, of course, add skulls to your kids' outfits, they'll be THE COOLEST!
Amazing outfit!
Cheering your favorite team!
Your lil princess is the cutest!!
And what do you say about this lil punk ballerina?? Love it!!

Hope you have get the best ideas about skulls, if you hadn't until now!!


  1. Some people believe that skulls brings you good luck!

  2. i can so party with those skull shoes, & both pairs of boots. i like the little surprise skulls, that i had to find, in the mix.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I love skull rings;)

    xx Laura

  4. my fave combo is #4! the brown sunglasses are amazing!! skulls can really be fun to wear :)


  5. I looooove skulls, I loooove McQueen...and I've got the boots and the scarf you show in this post ;)