Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall UP!

Althought my memory is worst than Dorys' one (yeah, that lovely character of one of my favorite movies: Finding Nemo), I can remember that we talked about fall some posts ago.
BUT, we didn't create outfits, and that's one of my favorite things to do and to show U here, hope you too! So let's go! One of my favorites clothes of fall season are jumpers!! Here you have a lot, very different, but veeery warm, all of them!

Sweethart!!! Love this look

Of course, you have vaery cute jumpers for your bf. And d'u know what's the cutest?? You can use it too!
Want this one for my lil boy!!
Awwww <3
Grey plus Pink = Falling in love over and over again!!

As you can see, possibilites never ending!!


  1. your english is bueno! :) better than my espanol. La foto de plaza es bonita! y me gusta the fall outfits (on this post). no se what you mean by jumper. ?que es?

  2. Love these items - great picks! I need a pair of pink skinny pants/jeans for the Fall to brighten up my outfit ;)

  3. the last picks: awww!<3
    my fave is combo#3.. love the wedges!

    kisses & happy wednesday,

  4. Nice post, I like these outfits you created!
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