Thursday, November 10, 2011

Angels, it's Xtmas!!

One more year, yesterday, in NYC, the angels of Victoria's Secret welcomed Christmas time!!
We have to wait until the fashion show airs, BUT, what I've seen just in pictures, has been dissapointed, which, in part, f***s my xtmas this year, because this event, plus gifts are what make my christmas!! hahaha not at all, but well, Victoria's Secret is something like a dream, and if your dream lets you down, what's next??
Obviously, it's just my opinion, and I'm not a Bible, so I'll post some of the pictures, (best and worst), and I'd like to know your opinion girls!!
One of the most horrible things that I've seen: Adriana Lima @ backstage. Ok, I must confess I've never been a huge fan of this angel, but what was she trying to do?? Casting as porno star?? Agrrr 
And @ the runway, it was not much better...
What's the idea?? A gothic princess??? But please, if you are an expert on Victoria's Secret and you're going to answer a question, WAIT, I prefer U to answer me this one:
Was it necessary?? Just asking..
And if you want to see another pictures of A Lima on the runway, this one is another:
Something like a "superwoman".. I don't like it.
I don't understand this one... maybe a spanish inspiration?? I don't know..
The real QUEEN of this fashion show this year was Miranda Kerr, who was not on the last show because of her  pregnancy, and she's perfect again!!
She's not my favorite, but hers is a really angel face!
In this case, I think this design was one of the best!
And love this one too!!! The color is amazing!!
This one is a good option as xtmas gift!!
And now, yes, MY FAVORITE'S TURN!!!
Alessandra Ambrosio. She's my fav!!! Maybe she's not the most beautiful, or she has not the best body, or the best face, but she's my fav, I don't mind any of those things, I really love Alessandra, as a model, and also as a person, the little I know about her, thanks to interviews, or videos and candids I see on the internet, I love her!!

She's stunning!!!

Such a pretty ballerina!!!
Love her!!! And hope, in the next fashion show, she  be the queen!!
Of course there are lots of designs apart these!! I'll post some of them, so you can judge!

So, now that you have seen most of the pictures there are about the show, what d'u think?? Maybe on TV it will look different, who knows!



  1. this was hilarious! totally laughing about the feathered behind. i'm linking it on my facebook profile, right after i like your page. :)

  2. I love these VS girls! I get jealous watching them though because they are so HOT, wish I had a body like them ;)