Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas: Lights!

How do we know it's Christmas time?? (Ok, seeing a calendar, very smart from your part! hahaha)
But if we don't have a calendar, we know it because of... LIGHTS!
That's one of the best things about xmas... lights everywhere!! Here in Madrid, streets have ready their lights to turn them on the perfect day!! And from that day, oficially, XMAS IS COMING!!!
But in my opinion, when it's about xmas, never is too soon, so to me, WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS!!
And , as I made with Halloween (several posts), so I'll do with xmas!
It's not my favorite celebration of the year, but what's true is that this year, it's going to be much more special because of my baby, u know, with kids this kind of things turn different, so CAN'T WAIT!!
Let's see some lights from streets, the most famous:



Paris (Disneyland)

New York


We'll see much more decoration in different countries in next posts if you want!!
Now, we're going to add "lights" on clothes!! How?? With sequins!!
 Let's see what d'u think!

Remember, add sequins on your night-cloths when xmas is coming!!!

Some music:



  1. that post was perfect! all those pretty lights from around the world. very clever of you to think of sequins as lights on clothes. <3 it.

  2. Fantástico el post.
    Un saludo

  3. Love christmas, the pics are so beautiful!!Kisses!

  4. JAJA..I was wondering the same question a few days ago... Canadian are kind of cold when we don't have snow around Christmas. So I have been inspiring everyone around my work with the Christmas spirit...I decorated my office already and some of my college too...jajaja I glad to find another one with the same instinctive...I will love to visit Madrid one day!!!...chao

  5. Love christmas lights! all the sparkle and shine - these sequin tops will be a great addition for the holiday! Have a great thanksgiving my dear!

  6. What a cute post! :-)
    I really liked the first chrismassy pictures!