Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Discovering Spain!

A map, you know I love them!!
Today, I'd like talking to you about other of my passions: travelling. My dream is to know every unknown place around the world!
I'm so lucky to say that I've been in many different countries and continents, which I think it's one of the best ways to learn, if you have an airplane, who needs school?? (Don't let your kids to read this last!!)
But, proudly, I can say that, althought I've been in different countries, before that, I could see almost all my country: Spain. I'm a really really proudly lover of my country, my culture, my people and everything about it!!
I'm sure most of you hear the word Spain and inmediatly: toros, olé, paella. But it's so much more!!!
That why I've thought about talking in different posts about the most unknown places in my Spain, and I couldn't start in any other way, that with my hometown: Vigo!!
Vigo is on the northwest of Spain. Of course, look at this map!!

In Spain, depending on if you are on the North, the South, the East or the West, it seems that you are in a different country, that's one of the most beautiful things of Spain, its variety!
But I don't want to write, and write and write, because a picture is worth a thousand of words!! So that's what I'm going to do: show u Vigo through pictures:

Puente de Rande
This is the bridge that you have to pass to come in Vigo. And not, it's not San Francisco!!
Vigo is on the coast, so we have very beautiful beaches! The most famous, Samil:

For me, is one of the best in the world!!
I love going to walk with my dog when it's not summer.
It's not because it's MY beach (which helps!!) it's because you have everything!! Chiringuitos, pools for your kids, and even places to skaters!
And, close to Samil, you have much more beaches, of course!

Apart from the beach, where you couldn't go til June, you have much more things in my Vigo!!
For example, the downtown!
Calle del Príncipe.
You have all the stores you can imagine, very beautiful street just to walk!
And this, was my high school!
I know what you're thinking: is this girl black and white too?? hahaha Actually, I finished my years in high school 3 years ago, but I can say proudly that the building of my high school is the oldest building in Vigo, and it was a gift to the town from the hubby of the girl because of who it has that name, Santa Irene.
Ok, I think it's ok with pictures, I'll show you more another day, but I know what you want: food and clothes! hahahaha
About food, the dishes that you have to try if someday you visit Vigo, it's clear: ANYTHING OF MY GRANDMOTHER!
But, if you can't, what people like to eat when come to Vigo, are Ostras:

People love them and come just to eat them, I CAN'T, sorry, but you should try them!!
And about clothes, what should you wear tomorrow in Vigo, for example?? Mmm

Last day in Vigo, I wore something like that (instead a wolf, in my shirt there was an eagle, and instead Hunter, grey Uggs) Love the color of the jeans!!
Hope you like my hometown!!! And hope, someday, you have the opportunity to visit it!!


  1. i once had two friends who were from spain. i don't remember what cities they were from. they were always telling me about their country. it sounded beautiful. i definitely want to go there someday.

  2. Vigo lovely place to live and enjoy life. I love it

  3. Pues te voy a contar mi sueño...VISITAR VIGO!! desde hace mucho, mucho tiempo, sueño con que algún día lo visitaré!!
    Me han encantado las fotos graciassssss, muacks