Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fly, fly fly, my baby gets my high!

I don't know how frequently you take airplanes, or go on trips, but in my case, as most of you know, I'm studying out from my town, so every time I can, I take a flight or go on road trip or whatever (it depends on the price!!)
So, when I have to go home, my life depends on two vital questions: what to take on my suitcase, and what to wear.
The first question is impossible to answer, at least by me, if any of you can, plase tell me!! but the second one, I have it clear: pretty and comfortable!! Here I have some ideas, take note!

Hope you like it!!

ps: please, if U like my blog, let me know it on face!! THANK U SO MUCH


  1. can i please just steal little elements out of each one of your outfit collections? i had to look up the word orthography, duh me. your english is excellent! the only time i couldn't understand you was when you said jumpers because i didn't know that it meant sweaters. today: "on tw vital questions" you need to add the "o" to "two." i'm sure it was a typo. i do stuff like that all the time. :)

  2. awwww thank u teddy!!! corrected ;)

  3. I want everything here! BUT esp. that mustard bag ;) Me and my mustard addiction.

    Were you able to get your hands on any versace items at H&M? I totally slept through the day, hahaha.

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  5. Love everythong, it´s so cute!!Kisses!