Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes, wee KEND!

Yeahhh people, weekend is here!!! Have you any plan?? In my case, NOT, in fact it's raining which would destroy any plan outside, so films plus couch plus blanket looks the best option! Have so many films and series to see that I think this weekend will be THE weekend!! I'll tell you about them in next posts ;)
My day today... no comments, really, it's the best I can do, or you'd kill yourself!
So, first of all, I want to write about the restaurant where I went yesterday with my friend, you'll die!!
After the opening of Abercrombie &Fitch, my friend invited me to La Mafia se sienta a la mesa, an italian restaurant where you'll try the best dishes EVER!
Its decoration is very beautiful, lot of black, as I love, and uses The Godfather and all its characters to decorate the restaurant, which makes U feel like "doing bad things"... emm actually not, but I wanted to say!
It's a very beatiful place, really!! I didn't know about it, but I fell in love with it inmediately!
As U can see, its decoration is very unusual, but I love it!! It uses exactly the colors that I'll use in my castle when I were a queen.
Here you can see one page of the menu, exactly the page where I chose my dish, but you see all their dishes here. As you can see, you can choose the sauce and the kind of pasta separetly, very original! In my case: tagliattelle al uovo and Don Vito. A-MA-ZING!!!
My friend, for example, asked for Rigatone and Blognese Corleone... CAN'T EXPLAIN!!
Just can say you that you can't die before going to La Mafia!!
They have restaurants in Spain and Portugal, so if you live in any of these two countries, don't doubt!! For more information, visit the oficial page.

Ok, now it's fashion time!!! Outfit for today:

Very comfortable for a college day like today!
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  1. Have a great weekend. Love the idea of being home and watching movies. :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. i laughed at the queen of the mafia castle. don't plot any murders or other bad things. nice leopard shoes, & great, red restaurant decor. maybe while you're watching films on the couch, you'll have time to so some college homework. gaaah! (that's a virtual scream).

  3. wow, i really love this look, is amazing!


  4. I went to La Mafia in Barcelona too, I loved it !
    It's raining this week end in Barcelona, maybe I'm gonna watch a movie !