Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's print... Leopard!

It's leopard turn!!
I'm a really really lover of leopard print, specially this season! With any outfit, add some leopard print and your outfit will change!! The touch of some leopard print is really really elegant, and, at the same time, very casual! And, as always I say, add it ANYWHERE, but not EVERYWHERE!!
Let's see some options that I've found surfing on the internet:

As U can see, possibilites are infinite! I love leopard print, and my sister has a so perfect cashmere leopard print!! BUT she doesn't let me bring it with me, so I hate her for moments!!
Anyway, your little U can also use leopard print. In fact, love the touch on kids, so cool!!

ps: can be sure this will not be the last post about leopard print, so hope U like it!!


  1. i've missed my leopard print shoes since i had to throw them away in acapulco, from smelling like the stinky ocean, in oct of 2010. i need to find a replacement pair. i would wear every single one of those made for kids looks. what does that say about me?

  2. Qué invierno tan salvaje nos espera! No había visto estas Hunter y me chiflan.

  3. me too!!! and also snake print :) LOVE the Steve Madden booties<3


  4. Adding a splash of bold style to your look never hurts. The animal prints are exotic, feminine, and appealing... definitely helps so no wonder they maintain their popularity jijijii ... I like ... but in small portions ... I feel intimidated and I don't know how carry myself :)
    Since you are entering to this wild blog adventure, I have decided to follow you and support your blog. I invite you to visit mine and if you like you can follow me back...BTW I have a nice animal print articulate there... Take care, iela

  5. Reading your blog...great work here. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo