Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's cold!!

Oficially: it's cold!!
That feeling, when it's cold outside, open your house's door and... it's warm!!! It smells home!! Yes, that feeling is back!! And one of the best things, are clothes!! Because I love clothes, and when it's cold, you wear more clothes so... I'm happy!!
About my last Halloween night, everything was ok!! I made a surprise to my friend, cooking mexican food inspired on Halloween, and after, we went to Burger King to take away the dessert: brownie. We had so fun!!
But, back to cold, and talking about cold and rain, my family told me that in my hometown, it's going to rain every day I'll spend there (from tomorrow to Tuesday), which makes me feel frustrated. Not the cold, but the rain!!! The one thing I can do?? Listening one of my bestest loves: Pitbull!

Sexy, right??
Well, after this, let's talk about... clothes!!! Warm clothes!
The choice is difficult, but I'll try to make it thinking about the things without which, you'll die outside these days!

Of course, don't forget accessories like scarf, gloves, etc and.... SOCKS!!

Don't be afraid to use them with high heels or boots showing them, it looks so nice!!

Ok, if you have all these thing into your closet (and much more, of course!!!) Winter can arrive in the coldest way ever, that you're ready to go outside and play with snow!!! (Which cute it sounds!!)

Ey, but I can't forget about food!!! Today, I bring you a traditional Spanish food:
Have you ever tried?? It's one of my favorite, you can't believe how my grandmother cooks them, and Ipve lernt from her so... let me see U and I decide if marry you..

Well, it these were mine, it would not have potato and so many ingredientes: just the lentil stew, rice, onion, pork ribes and some condiments... mmmmmmmmmmmmm want them right now!!


  1. about all that cold, & back to the cold, & the clothes. i laughed. i hope i was supposed to. i drool over those leopard print wedges. then when i saw the socks after them, i laughed again.

  2. me encanta la selección de zapatos! hace tiempo que andamos buscando unos de animal print y estos son estupendos!

    Pásate a ver nuestro nuevo look:

  3. Sí el frio llegó, y ya podemos ponernos nuestra ropita nueva, te deseo un feliz viaje y aunque te llueva lo pases fenomenal con la familia!!!
    Me han encantado todos los zapatos y las lentejas ummmmmm a mi churri le salen fenomenal!!!
    Me alegro mucho que lo pasaras bien en tu noche de Halloween!

  4. Great picks! Those sweaters are so cute. The details are very interesting.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. Love the winter sweater and sweater dress! I can't wait for the weather to change in San Diego where I am :).

  6. Nice shoes!

  7. Me encanta el vestido de lana! De donde es? Y las Hunter son mi obsesión estos dias, a ver si para Navidad me dan una sorpresita y me las regalan..

    Un beso!!!