Friday, October 14, 2011

Give me flowers tonight!

Today, if I was honest, I should talk about big and nasty whales, BUT, like I know that no one of you is interested in that kind of things,
Give me everything flowers tonight!
Today is friday, and friday night = party, and saturday night = party.
Party = Dance, and dance = choose outfit to feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful, all at once!
My choose for this weekend, will be flowers! And flowers anywhere, but not everywhere!
My idea for today is:
3 outfits plus accessories, hope U like it!!

Bustier: Modekungen

Skirt: Republic
                                    Friis Company                  Topshop                           Alli

And while you get dressed, listen to Mr Worldwide!


  1. great outfits you created ;) and that random video post of pitbull made me laugh mwhahaha <3

  2. Cool and different style!

  3. que me gustan esos looks que has hecho, desde luego ideales! y la cancion tamiben!

    besitos y feliz finde! :P

  4. I love red pumps, but I don't have them.. Weird..

  5. We really love these collections! They are gorgeous must-haves! Great choice of music! We love it very much!

    MUCH love from the SABO SKIRT girls!