Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take note!

Hey honeys, how R U??
Just arrived from college, and soooo tired!! I just can think about: SLEEP! 
But, at the same time, I missed the blog, and missed all of U so much. Thanks for all your nice comments, love them!!
As I can't think in any other thing that college, let's talk about accesories on your bag student!

Probably, (more than probably, I might say "sure"...) you are one of those cool and modern students who take their own MAC or Ipad to the class, and you use it for taking notes.
But, if still there is any classic student like me over there, reading me, who takes pen & notebook to class, this post is specially for U!
Yes, I know: taking notes is bored, tired and nasty, but necessary (if you wanna pass, obviously).
As a journalist student, I always take my own notebook and my pen (orange color, unmistekable).
Of course, accessories for your outfit are esentials, but what about "student accessories"?? Here U have some of them!

imagebam.com                    imagebam.com         imagebam.com  
                            Topshop                            Nathalie & Schuterman                      Modcloth 

             imagebam.com             imagebam.com
                      Monsoon                                            Etsy                                  Paul Smith
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
                                       Crate & Barrel                    Blanco                           Blanco
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
                                       Juicy Couture                 Blanco                          Blanco
imagebam.com imagebam.com
                                                     Blanco                         Blanco

One of a kind even taking notes!


  1. Leuke post.! Ik maak ook nog steeds aantekeningen in een schrift. Maar ik heb zo'n saaie van de action. Degene die jij hebt, zijn veel meer stylish!

  2. Me ha encantado esa Blancanieves en el Mac!!! la quierooooooo!

  3. My favourite journal is the one from modcloth, it's so cute!

    -Laura xx

  4. Hola guapaaaa! quieres ganar un vestido estilo lady monísimo? anímate! (:

    un besitoooo!