Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time to celebrate!!

More Halloween posts! In fact, the last :(
We decorated our house, have our pumpkins, make outfits inspired in Halloween, candles all around us... Everything is ready! I mean, ALMOST everything.. where's the dinner???
My ideas today are about our Halloween table at the dinner: it should look so cool as the rest of the home (and of course, as U)  So, remembering that four colors (grey, orange, black and white), we can create a little Halloween world on the table! Check these:

Love this one!! Ok, it looks terrorific (because of the black), but that's the idea!! And I'm a real real lover of the black color when it's about decorating.

This one is much more focused on kids. Bottles are the detail! Get any orange drink (even juice), and fill black bottels... very Halloween!!

A very detailer table!

This one is very very chic!! Any elegant table should look like this one on Halloween night!

Detail. As you can see, details are everything!! And if you have kids, much more!

More decoration ideas around U!

Of course, your window must look like this one. Love love love and love!

Please, please, don't forget candles on the table!!!

As I told U, orange drinks are pure Halloween!!

Ok, table is ready but... what about the kitchen?? There are very easy recipes that you can make.. I mean, that I can make, and if I can, I assure you anyone could!
So, let's start the brain storming, take the one that happier will make your stomach!

Ghost Pizza
This is the easiest recipe: use the ingredients that you want, and it's ok. In my case, just tomato and cheese is enough. I make it every year, in fact, I think this year will be the first that it will not be on my table!

Maggot Slider Ingredients
Ground chuck (80% lean max), 2 pounds
6oz white cheddar
1/2 cup cooked white rice (aka "maggots")
12 leaves fresh basil
6 brioche or potato rolls
1 cup ketchup
salt & pepper
olive oil
Dijon mustard
12 wooden skewers
1) Slice cheese into 12 equal pieces. Form small patties around each piece of cheese with the ground beef.
2) Roll edge of sliders in rice then press with fingers to adhere.
3) Heat olive oil in saute pan on medium high. Cook burgers until browned on each side, being careful not to overcook. Should take about 5 minutes per side max.
4) Cut brioche rolls in half and trim into squares. Toast bread, then dab with Dijon mustard.
5) Add one basil leaf to each piece of toasted bread. Top with a burger and skewer.
6) Place burgers on platter and drizzle with ketchup.
7) Decorate platter with plastic flies, bugs, and clumps of rice (aka "maggots").
Meatballs & Spaghetti
This one is very easy!!

Meat for meatballs
Tomato sauce
1) Fry the meatballs.
2) Apart, cook the pasta (a drop of oil and some butter, delicious!!)
3) In the same pan, seal the meatballs, spaghetti and tomato sauce. Use the olives as "eyes" on every meatball, and, of course, throw some cheese.
And, to finish, what about some Halloween desserts?? Mmmm yeah!

Halloween cupcakes.
Stuffed Pumpkin with cranberry-raisin Bread Pudding
Halloween Donuts!! Good idea for Dunkin!

And... halloween biscuits!!!

Tonight, me and my friend are going to celebrate "Halloween night". Reason? I go on vacation to my hometown, so we'll not be together on Halloween's night :( Anyway, I'm sure it will be very funny! Tomorrow I'll tell you how we did it!!
And, of course, hope to see how YOU did too!


  1. Que buen post, me han encantado
    Las fotos.
    Un saludo

  2. Qué chulo el post, qué de ideas, me ha encantado la primera mesa, me parece super divertida y los postres de Halloween me los pido todossssss,ñam, ñam!!!
    Pasarlo muy bien esta noche,os espero mañana!!!

  3. Me encantan tus posts de halloween, especialmente el anterior con los outfits. Yo no soy mucho de decorarlo todo, simplemente aprovecho la celebración para salir de fiesta jaja.

    Un beso!!!