Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let's decorate!

Yeahhh!!! It's Halloween Time! In the last Let's decorate post, we were talking about maps, and, as I'm sure all of U decorated your home wit maps, I'm so sorry, but our home needs a change!! Because Halloween is coming, and the idea is that, when you get up in the morning and see around you, you can say: yes, it's Halloween!
I'd like to post more that this one, about costumes, for example, because Halloween subject has a lot of things we can talk about, but today is Sunday, and on Sunday it's time to decorate!
First of all, maybe in most of your countries, Halloween is not celebrated as in USA, I know. I live in Spain, for example, and it's not, but you know what? I do it! My home is decorated every year, Halloween day we make special recipes, and we get costumes and go party! So, why not you??
Let's start! What's the first thing that a house needs to say: IT'S HALLOWEEN! Yes, you're right, a PUMPKIN! The tradition is to carve a pumpkin, make a face, a cat, Boo word, etc. But if you don't want to carve, you can decorate it outside. Another thing: traditionally, pumpkins are orange, but I like them in other colors, much more afraid!! My favs?? Black (of course!!) and silver!
Look at this idea, falling in love!!

Love both, but the first one is my fav!!
Ok, if you have, at least, a pumpkin, you're in! You can go on.
Next thing, is decorate your door for Halloween. If you live in a house, it's much easier: a light pumpkin, lots of pumpkins...

 but if you live in a floor, things you can do are less. My idea? A sign in your door, for example, or a cobweb with spiders (second one is what I do year after year).
And, of course, you can never have too many cobwebs, so use them on windows and mirrors too!

A basic for a Halloween party is the darkness. Halloween is about being a little "afraid", and darkness always does. But of course, as humans, we need see, so you will never be able to celebrate halloween without candles!

But if you don't have special candles and you don't want to spend money on something that you're going to use it once at year, normal candles look ok to! At least, it's dark!

Plase, look at this hall!!

Love it!!
As I told you, if you live in a floor, forget it, but if you live in a house, what about  filling the chimney with pumpkins???

Cool right??
Ok, there are much more ideas, but I don't want to write and write and write and get you boring, so if you have more, tell me!! Truck or treat???

More Halloween posts in a few days!!


  1. gracias por su comentario (:

  2. Me han encantado las opciones!! La verdad es que yo no lo celebro, pero las ideas son geniales! La de la chimenea es usper fácil y queda genial :)
    Por cierto, gracias por el comentario ;)

    Un beso!!

  3. Que fotos tan chulas!!!! gracias por pasarte por nuestro blog!!!

  4. aaarw, i love halloweeeeeen.:D

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  6. this is so inspiring it almost motivates me to turn off my computer to create or paint something. ha! who am i kidding? there really are some very nice ideas here. :)

  7. Que chulo I love it!! me encanta HALLOWEEN!!
    besitos y trato yo siempre trato jajajaja!

  8. q ganitas de celebrarlo!!! poco a poco nos lo han metido enterito


  9. Ya no qued nada para celebrarlo

    Besotes suiteros