Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What about... a Mexican Day??

Mexican culture has so many  things that it's really difficult for me chose a few of them.
But a day, has 24 hours, and in 24 hours, you need, unless, 8 to sleep (5 in my case), so, at the end, you don't have time to do much more things, so we'll have to forget some of them, but just for today ;)
For example, we have to forget my dream: spend weeks and weeks in Cabo San Lucas, because we said 24 hours, right? So let's see what we could do!

We can eat. I mean, we NEED to eat!! So.. what do you think about 'Huevos rancheros' and 'Fajitas'?
Easy, fast and delicious!!

For the first one, you just need: 
Eggs (of course!!), onion, a cup chopped tomatoes (and their juice), avocado and tortillas. Of course you can add all ingredients you want, but this is an easier version for all those (like me) who aren't patient enough for cooking ;)

And for the second one, the thing is muuuch easier!
If you have chicken breast, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, Heinz tomato frito, cheese and black pepper, congrats!! Your dream will come true!! Please, don't forget Tortillas!!!

I know, you're hungry.. me too! But I'm waiting for my mexican friend, who's too late!!! C'mon!!!!

Anyway, if you have made this delicious recipes, I'm sure your stomach is, right now, one of the happiest people in the world!

After this, you can take a nap or, much more recomendable by me, you can dream awake seeing this 8th wonder of the world:

My fav? Sortilegio!!
Obviusly, you'll have your own preferences in Telenovelas.

These are my day-ideas.
But, actually, what I most want tonight, is a night-idea. And for that, I just need three ingredients:

Jose Cuervo, that friend who's always here, whatever I need.

Vicente Fernández and his "canciones quejosas"

Sadly, the most important ingredient isn't here, and I can't buy it anywhere: she's my BF**FF.

Miss U, Bitch.
Happy mexican day!!!

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