Friday, October 21, 2011

In my closet!

Hi there!
Today, I decided to show you my closet. I've seen how most of U tell us about your own closet, so I think it'd be a good idea if I show you mine. First of all, I'm not an it girl. Actually, it's not that I have a ONE STYLE. I'm just a normal person with normal clothes, but I love fashion, and I think I'd enjoy talking about my clothes!
So, as to build a house we should start on the floor, to talk about a person, we can talk about the shoes. Somebody told me once, that, in luxury stores, the first which the dependent looks on people who's coming in, is their shoes.
Here you have, not all, but my basic shoes!

These are my favorite flats. I know, it's not a color that you can use with any outfit, but they're so nice!!

My old Converse. They are... 4, 5 or 6 years, Im not sure. As you can see, they have holes everywhere! In fact, I can't arrive to my hometown with them, because my mom wants throw them away!

My Oxford. Just, love them. They're the simplest I've ever seen.

I don't know if I've ever told you, but grey is my favorite color. So this basic high heels, are my favorite too.

My black sandals. Cant live without them!

I have lots of boots, they're my fav! And all kinds! But these, are my favs: my motorcycle boots <3

My booties. Love the color!

And this is my last shopping! Last year, I was looking for them in a very desperate way!!! But, luckly, last week, I found them!!!

Hope you like them!!


  1. Las Converse... flipantes, además dile a tu mami que esas zapas hay que llevarlas así, que eso le dan solera!!!! las sandalias negras me ha encantado!!!
    Gracias a ti solete, disfruta el finde, muchos besotesssssss!

  2. Love the ballet flats and the converse.

    Liz Lizo

  3. Yo también soy muy de básicos, pero nunca diría que no a un McQueen eh...

    De los zapatos, me encantan las bailarinas rojas y las sandalias negras de tiras. Tienes una buenísima selección, cada par para un outfit diferente :)


  4. i can't decide my favorite for you have such great style! the converse, the ankle boots, or the motorcycle boots, or the amazing heels? why do i have a feeling you have even more delightful heels in your closet? am i right?

  5. You should post the brands, would love to track down a few of those!

  6. omg that maggot pizza looks like real maggots, i dont know if id be able to eat aha