Friday, October 28, 2011

My baby!!!!

Hi from my home, sweet home!!!
Yes, I'm here, and so so happy! Before, well, of course I wanted come back to see my family, friends, etc, but it was a normal happiness. But this year, something changed: and it's my baby!!! Actaully, my sister's baby, but MY BABY, it's mine, the little person which I most love feel, so little, but so big to me!!
And today is the day: I'll see him, spend all day with him, can't wait!! He makes my day, mi week, my life! He's just two months, but it's like if he was my whole life nex to me! I know, all this sounds a little strange on the blog! hahaha But I just wanted share!
So, today, we'll talk about babies fashion. I love buying clothes to him, he's so stylish just being 2 months old!

These were my first gifts to him. I had thought, from the first time I saw it, that my son or daughter (prefer second one! haha) would have one and... he's like my son so, he has them!

What about this one for Halloween?

My little bear! Cutest thing ever!

A baby should always have something about Disney and Mickey Mouse, of course!

They look so nice with this kind of shirts!

Love it!! This is of Dallas, but of course, choose your favorite team!
Love this vest with a rocker shirt and nike sniker trainers!
Very stylish snike trainers!
Yesterday, we said it's cold!! So, what about these warm booties?? So cute!

Ok, I think it's enough for today about babies!!
Of course, I'll talk to you about babies very soon, but for today it's ok, don't you think?? 
Have a good w end!