Friday, October 14, 2011

It's time to eat!

Yeah, dear readers. It's time to eat!!
So, as my last "food-post" was about mexican food, what about american food? And not, I'm not talking about McDonald's (those fast food restaurant which I'm totally addicted!!).
Wanna back to '50s? Wanna feel like in a Grease scene?

If your answer is not both... it's ok, but I will go hunch U down.
And if your answer is yes, CONGRATS!!
Your dream will come true! Im sure a lot of you know it, but for all those not, that exists! Its name is Peggy Sue, a diner  where U can feel like Sandy, and where you can bring your Danny, or viceversa.
You can find this dinners in Spain, in Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, San Sebastián, Santander, Sevilla and Valencia.
I have only been in one of Madrid, and it's amazing!! Here some pics:

No, you are not dreaming, it exists!! You can visit the oficial web , where you can see the menu. My recommendation is a James Brwon burger and a Crazy Charly hot dog, both to share! After this, a good brownie mmmm!
And, of course, don't forget the cookies and cream milkshake!!

It's really really delicious!! And, while U choose what to eat, what about listening to music on the jukebox? 
A very nice place!!

Have U ever been in any restaurant of this kind?


  1. Gracias por decirme donde encontrar la falda de H&M!! Me pasaré! Y yo tb adoror Peggy Sue´s y ese tipo de restaurantes..igualito igualito a las películas americanas!

  2. que bonito siitoo, ojala hubiera algo ais por mi ciudad jejej!
    si, tengo twitter, @sweetstyleblog :P

    un besin cielo!

  3. Original post! :) The pictures reminds me about movies.

  4. Oh my gosh, the restaurant you've been is much cooler than the one Ive been recently. This is really authentic retro!!