Sunday, October 30, 2011

Safe and Stylish Trip!

As most of you know (or so I hope, cause that means that you read me, which is amazing to me!!) i'm in my hometown, but just for a few days. In fact, on Tuesday I'll be on the road again!
So, thinking about what to take and what do not, I thought talking about suitcases. It's another complement for your outfit, and the perfect would be have several suitcases and use different in every trip (utopy, i know, but that would be cool!!) So, today I bring U some of the suitcases that I'd like to use with my outfits, some of them very original!!

Very classy model

And this one is a good outfit to combine the suitcase!


Beautiful rollercase!
Look the outfit I have chosen!


Red touch is so nice!!

Love this suitcase! It looks like if it hides a treasure, don't you think?
And I'd wear this outfit:


As you can see, possibilites aren't ending when it's about suitcases!!

Unfortunatley, in a normal life, you just have 2 or 3 suitcases, in different sizes, depending on the days you're going to spend out of home. BUT, dreaming is free, isn't it?

Have a good Monday tomorrow!


  1. i like all the outfits you showed especially: black top, leopard vest, striped tank, black shoes, & the fringed black ankle booties! i just can't get stoked about suitcases. for me they are like an evil necessity. my husband spray painted peace signs on ours, so we can easily spot them on airport baggage carousels.

  2. nos encantan las maletas!!! muak

  3. love the last pic of the suitcase stack.
    i'm travelling in the next few weeks- i would love one!!!!

    i'm giving away a vintage 1980s Konica Pop Camera.
    check it out! xx