Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Choose one... if you can!

Love skirts!! You can wear them at party night and on your office, and you'll always look perfect. Just have to choose the one which looks best on your body!
Let's see what we have here:

imagebam.com      imagebam.com        imagebam.com
                                  We Like Fashion             Miss Selfridge             Miss Selfridge
imagebam.comimagebam.com    imagebam.com
                                               AX Paris              Topshop               Marc by Marc Jacobs
imagebam.com    imagebam.com    imagebam.com
                                     Balmain                      Wet Seal                             H&M    
imagebam.com   imagebam.com
                                                          H&M                           Miu Miu

OMG!! Need more space for more skirts... in a few posts, second part!! (but not last)