Monday, October 31, 2011

What about... umbrellas??

And not, I'm not talking about Rihanna's song! As usually, in my hometown it's raining cats an dogs!! And can't stand it!! Wind? ok! Cold? My coat and everything it's ok! Hot? Mmmm where are my shorts!! But rain... uoh, CAN'T!
But at the same time, there's nothing I can do (if there were, trust me, I'd do it!!)
The one thing I can do, is buy an umbrella. Some umbrellas are very cool, and you can add them to your outfit easily! So, as we can't stop raining cause we're not "SUPER RAIN" or anything like that, take your umbrella and don't forget your boots!

Love this NY umbrella!
As a leopard print lover, had to show U this umbrella!
Black + pink = Romantic & Rocker umbrella!
Yellow umbrella will be "the touch" on your 'total black' outfit.
Your lit girl willb be so happy with this one!

There are so so many!! I'd like to know your umbrellas!!


  1. great minds think a like. here's my umbrella post from may.

  2. looking forward to your entry :-)


  3. Que chulada, me encanta el del corazón es ideal.
    Un saludo