Monday, December 26, 2011

Choose one if you can: New Year's Eve Accessories!

Hi readers!!
Santa came... & left! But party is still here!!! Just a few days to the change of the year!!! Change of your life? of your routine? Well, that depends on U! But what0s true, is that it's a good excuse to try to do it, and to celebrate it!
Some posts ago, we were seeing some New Year's Eve outfits. Today, we're going to see accessories!!! They're so importante!! Maybe U want to buy a very simple outfit, and accessories are EVERYTHING!! Choose one.. if U can!


  1. Me encantan.. sobre todo la pulsera de Stella McCartney!! :)


  2. I want that Stella McCartney cuff...simple yet chic:)

  3. i'm pretty sure i own a pearl bracelet very similar to the one you've shown, except my pearls are completely fake, just like my hair color. :)

  4. i'm recently more of a ring lover, so that marc jacobs baby can do it for me on new year's eve :) excellent choices!!! love the sparkly ones!